Meet MAC Monday: Mitchell Murray

Posted on: October 11, 2021 | MAC News, Our Team

Mitchell Murray

Meet Mitchell Murray!

Growing up, Mitchell’s parents owned and operated the local lumberyard (and still do today.) When he was a kid, his parents had him helping out, but at the time, he didn’t consider it “fun” work. His dad told him he couldn’t sit around and had to do something – which is what led Mitchell to agriculture as he started working for a neighbor’s beef/cash crop farm. After high school, Mitchell headed to Davenport and completed 2.5 years of a nursing program, before deciding it wasn’t the right fit for him.

While exploring other college paths, Mitchell helped run the scale in Newaygo for a fall. The next summer, he started with our team full-time doing some accounting, running the scale, and providing customer service. Mitchell also has experience as the engineer for when trains come in, merchandising, and being the facility safety coordinator. Today, Mitchell has been with MAC for 11 years and is the Facility Manager in Newaygo.

Mitchell would tell you that MAC has been a great company to work for, helping to train and teach employees. From his view, the company also provides a good job with many facets to keep employees from getting bored or stuck in a mundane rut. He feels there is great support from leadership and the crew is great to work with.

When it comes to his role specifically, Mitchell’s favorite parts include the variety of work, communicating with both customers and employees, and solving problems with his local staff and upper management. He also enjoys working in ag because every year is different with new scenarios, which certainly keeps him on his toes and continuously learning. Since it’s harvest, Mitchell is looking forward to a timely and smooth season at the elevator – with [hopefully] good weather, happy customers, happy employees, and good prices.

Outside of work, Mitchell and his wife of 8 years, Andrea, have a 1.5 year old daughter with their second child on the way in early November. He also raises hay for his small cow-calf to finish Hereford/Hereford cross hobby farm, which his great-grandpa first bought. His family is active in their church, and Mitchell also enjoys hunting when he can get away to do it.

If you’re looking to learn more, stop by Newaygo and you’ll enjoy a good conversation with a picturesque view of the Muskegon River in the background!