There are a lot of pieces that go into growing a successful crop. By partnering with MAC, we can provide offerings that meet your individual needs. We offer direct ship fertilizer and chemical options, as well as a variety of seed choices. Our team works hard to create specific plans designed to meet your yield and budget goals.

Premium Plant Food

In working with the best producers of plant foot, our goal is to bring the highest quality product to your farm. MAC offers reliable, straight grade fertilizers as well as fertilizer blending. Consistent products and consistent blends assure you consistent results with your fertility plan.

From customized starter blends to custom-applied urea, we’ll help keep your crop going all season long. MAC also offers products focused on efficiency to help protect your investment. You can have peace of mind with products like Agrotain for both 28% and urea as a nitrogen stabilizer and Super U, a urea that protects against volatilization, leaching and denitrification.

Liquid Fertility

MAC offers seven liquid fertilizer options (and endless blends) to meet your nutrition needs season long. Our agronomy team is equipped to help build a plan that best fits your needs.

  • 28-0-0 – 28% (UAN)
  • 10-34-00
  • 12-0-0-26S – Thiosol
  • 15-0-0-20 – SuperATS
  • 15-0-0-20 – SuperATS
  • 0-0-25-17S – KTS
  • 4-10-10
  • 0-0-24 – K Fuel

Dry Fertility

We focus on listening to your needs to customize a fertility plan specifically for your farm. With eight different dry fertilizer offerings, MAC is ready to help you create a blend for your crop.

  • 21-0-0-24S – Ammonium Sulfate
  • 0-0-0-30CA-4MG – HI Cal Lime
  • 0-0-60 – Potash
  • 46-0-0 – Urea
  • 11-52-0 – MAP
  • 12-40-0-10S-1ZN – MESZ
  • 0-0-22-11MG-22S – KMag
  • 46-0-0 – SuperU


Here at MAC, we know there’s more to soil fertility than N-P-K. To help you feed your crop the best you can, we offer top quality micronutrient products. Wolftrax provides zinc, manganese, boron, copper and calcium in powder form to blend with your dry mixture. The blending ensures every prill is coated so you see uniform results in your field. We also offer Crop Mix for your liquid blend needs to start your season off right with a mix of boron, copper, manganese and zinc.

Direct Ship Options

If you have liquid storage tanks or dry fertilizer storage capacity on your farm, we understand that one small load isn’t likely to get you through the season. Whether you are looking for straight grade products or a special blend, we are able to provide competitive quotes of what you need for large volume delivery anywhere in Michigan. We also offer freight on board pricing if you prefer using your own equipment for pick up. If you’re interested in farm direct fertility options, our team can help customize a solution to fit your needs.

Seed Offerings

With locations across the state, we know that every area has different needs when it comes to hybrid and variety selection. Your choices have to match soil type, maturity, tillage practices and many other factors. To ensure we provide the best seed for your farm, we offer expertise and different choices.

Rupp Seeds

Rupp Seeds offers a full line of corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa.

Available at: Middleton, Newaygo

DF Seeds

Locally produced in Michigan, DF Seeds provides a variety of corn, soybean and wheat options.

Available at: Marlette, Brown City

Legacy Seeds

Legacy Seeds is a family run business, providing seed for alfalfa, grain and forage needs, as well as corn and soybean options.

Available at: Marlette

Public Wheat Varieties

Locally sourced, we provide certified public wheat varieties. Our Middleton location can also provide wheat seed treatment for on-farm seed treating.

Available at: Middleton, Newaygo

Small Seeds

Beyond what is available through the above seed brands, we offer small seeds such as alfalfa, clovers, pasture mixes, cover crops and custom blends through Cisco.

Available at: Middleton

Plant Protection

Protecting your crops from weed pressure, pests and disease is hard work. At MAC, our agronomy team works hard to source high quality products so you can get the most yield out of every acre.

Corn Management

When it comes to corn, it’s important to consider if you will apply pre- or post-plant herbicides, as well as match the trait package of your hybrid. Diseases and pests can strike throughout the season, so it’s important to have access to protection when you need it. Our team is able to help provide options that best fit your farm.

Soybean Management

As with any crop, it’s important to start clean and stay clean in soybeans. Managing your modes of action and application timing can help produce a high-yielding bean crop. When it comes to protecting your soybeans, MAC is prepared to listen to what you need in order to provide the best solution.

Wheat Management

Michigan farmers grow high quality red and white wheat. Managing for quality means you need access to the best products. Whether you’re planning for disease or weeds or any other concern, we’ll help you get what you need.

Other Crop Management

We know it’s important to care for any plant you grow. We’re ready to provide the plant protection product you need for hay, specialty crops, or any other crop on your farm.

Direct Ship Options

MAC offers direct ship plant protection products straight to your farm. If you have the ability to unload product, this cash and carry option could provide you with savings. We can price any quantity and help find the best product for you, whether it be brand name or generic products.

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Build Your Own Customized Plan with MAC Agronomy

We provide customers with quality products and services paired with premier customer service to grow high yielding crops. We offer tailored plans that are unique to what each individual farmer needs for profitable growth.

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