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Michigan Agricultural Commodities is seeking a full-time hourly Operations employee for the Breckenridge location. Breckenridge is the largest of the MAC facilities and this role provides a unique opportunity to grow within the organization. MAC is a progressive leader in the grain industry, continually investing in our facilities and employees to expand our footprint across Michigan. The ideal individual for this role will have experience or interest in agricultural application, demonstrating a desire to utilize skills to positively impact the company and customers.

Scope of Responsibilities: Must work in coordination with peers and supervisors to successfully complete daily facility operations. Daily operations include (but are not limited to) housekeeping activities, shipping and receiving of product, and equipment operation and maintenance.  Ensure all housekeeping procedures are followed in all areas of responsibility.

Job Requirements:

  • Safety: It is the policy of MAC to provide a safe and healthy workplace. The ability to perform all tasks in a safe manner and in accordance with company policy is essential. All company policies and procedures to be followed.
  • Grain Operations:
    • Maintain an understanding on how the plant is set up and how to move grain throughout the facility. Essential duties to accomplish this include, but are not limited to:
      • Operate grain receiving pits
      • Operate conveying equipment to ensure grain gets binned properly when it is received and when grain is transferred throughout the facility
      • Operate grain drying equipment
    • Assist with the loading of rail cars and trucks
    • Grade inbound and outbound grain; determine if quality issues exist
    • Assist with bin measurements and other inventory count procedures
  • Housekeeping:
    • Dust Control: Maintain dust inside and outside the plant at minimal levels
    • Product Spill Control: Clean up spilled product as soon as possible; return spilled product to inventory or move it to a safe area.
    • Facility Appearance: Take steps to maintain and enhance facility appearance.
  • Equipment Operation and Maintenance:
    • Understand how grain handling equipment works and its necessary components to be able to understand when maintenance is needed.
    • Conduct basic maintenance.
  • Physical Requirements: Physical condition must not limit the ability to climb (highest point 200’), lift at least 100#, or get in and out of confined spaces which is necessary to perform the basic tasks of this position. Some operations require the wearing of protective gear that may seem heavy or restrictive. Good vision and hearing are essential to personal safety and the safety of co-workers.
  • Other tasks as assigned

Desired Skills/Competencies

  • Physical strength and endurance
  • Ability to use necessary tools and machines
  • Comfortable working in variable weather conditions
  • Able to handle fast pace of busy harvest season
  • Minimum high school degree required
  • Required: must be able to pass a comprehensive background check and substance screening.

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All candidates must be able to pass a comprehensive background check and substance screening.

Internship Opportunities

Blissfield Intern
Brown City Intern
Marlette Intern
Middleton Intern

Our MAC Internships are designed to provide a real-life experience for students to gain exposure in working in a grain trading office, grain terminal, and crop/soil sciences. Experiences include a variety of different tasks, with a goal to cross-train an intern to benefit from as many different experiences as possible. The exact role of an intern varies based upon the location they will work out of. We also try to offer learning opportunities directly related to the career interests of each individual intern. Some of the skill building activities an intern may experience include:

  • Participation in summer long merchandising exercise
  • Facility grain logistics education (grain grading, loading, unloading)
  • Bin space management, storage methods, and grain quality control measures training
  • Fertilizer blending, delivery, unloading and storage management
  • Customer service – phone and office contact
  • Grain contracting procedures and futures/options education
  • Field scouting, assessment and reporting (with a focus typically on wheat & IP soybeans)
  • Market data review
  • Facility safety training
  • Grain ticket and settlement process training
  • Agronomy sales and support
  • Soil Sampling
  • Special projects
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