2020 will mark the 17th annual MAC Outlook Conference.

  • Details for next year’s event are still being discussed.


  • Next year’s venue is yet to be determined.

Take-aways from 2019 Speakers

Michael Swanson
Senior Vice President
Agricultural Economist and Consultant
Wells Fargo & Company

  • Everything is connected, we just don’t see how. You need to ask key questions and determine “What’s your play?” 
  • Technology respects no one’s opinion or politics. Adopt and adapt is a learning process. 
  • Continually evaluate your Return on Assets. And, when it comes to cash rent: farm the best, forget the rest. 
  • You can’t market your way out of this problem. You only get paid for what you bring to the game.

Missy Bauer
B & M Crop Consulting

  • Make sure to treat your fields in an appropriate manner based on soil type. Different soil types need different things. 
  • Know what your carbon penalty is, related to your crop and rotation, and be sure to offset that with your nutrient applications.
  • Mind the gap: don’t let your nitrogen lag at any point in time while waiting for the next application or you’ll lose what you’re trying to gain. Be sure to evaluate and implement a nitrogen stabilizer where appropriate (especially recommended with urea).

Andy Junkin
Agriculture Strategy

  • Make sure to take the stone out of your shoe! Address small problems  sooner and don’t let them drag on to become big problems.
  • Take advantage of opportunities the next generation offers. Are you going to keep asking those around you to change or are you willing to change yourself?
  • Addressing one small thing every week can make a big difference. At the end of a year, you’ll have moved your farm forward in 52 ways!

Thoughts from Attendees:

“I enjoyed listening to all the speakers. I always feel like I come away with a couple new ideas to work on for the coming year.”

” Information from Missy Bauer is excellent…so knowledgeable, yet practical tips. “

” We really appreciate the info; the speakers were thought provoking. “

If you couldn't attend, learn what Outlook is all about here.

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