Dry Beans

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Michigan has a long history of growing dry beans that are exported throughout the world. At MAC, we take great care in handling your dry bean investment. We focus on providing resources and facilities to ensure customer success.

Our staff is knowledgeable to help find the best fit for your seed needs to start your black beans off right. We have multiple varieties of black bean seed available for purchase to meet customer needs.

The MAC black bean marketing program is designed to keep you informed when opportunities become available. This enables us to assist you in making the best marketing decisions to take advantage of contracting opportunities.

When it comes to black bean services, we’re equipped to receive Michigan grown black beans as soon as harvest hits. We store the beans until they are cleaned and processed to meet end user specifications. After our initial processing, these beans head to a packaging or canning facility for further processing before they arrive for purchase on store shelves.

If you are interested in more information about growing black beans, please call our Breckenridge facility.

Futures Prices

Commodity Month Last Change
CORN Mar $3.9975 -0.0625
SOYBEANS Mar $11.3300 - 0.1475
WHEAT Mar $5.7350 -0.0975
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