High Quality Wheat Tips

Posted on: May 27, 2021 | Facility Updates, MAC News

Wheat season

Michigan is projected to grow a large wheat crop this year, with production projected above 42 million bushel. Around 70% of the Michigan crop will stay in state or go in to nearby states for the milling and cereal processors.

What does this Michigan wheat mean to you? How was that cracker you just enjoyed? Does your child enjoy cereal? Have you used some Jiffy Mix lately? For our MAC team, we can’t start a morning meeting without doughnuts. All of these products are made from Michigan wheat. The Michigan crop is a food grade commodity that is processed for direct consumption by you. Quality and purity are an expectation from more than just the wheat miller. It is a demand by the consumer who enjoys these products every day of the year.

MAC continues to be one of the state’s largest suppliers of wheat to the domestic mill market. With this title comes the expectation of delivering a quality product. The market place is in consolidation. You don’t force the miller and cereal processor in taking an off grade product. Too many other suppliers want to take your market share. MAC has an outstanding reputation as a quality shipper and this is a reputation worth keeping.

It’s important for our customers to be aware of the importance of handling and shipping wheat with food grade quality factors in mind. This means that augers, legs and bins should be clean and free of other grains, dirt, debris and any other items that could force rejection during shipment. Truck trailers and wagons must also be clean. Non-organic or non-grain items hauled previous to wheat should prompt the shipper to thoroughly clean the trailer or container with a power wash or complete sweep. Be sure to visually inspect all modes of transport to ensure safe shipment.

Quality wheat handling is as important as ever, with wheat considered a food grade crop. The industry is asking all involved to make sure that steps are taken to make sure we keep our food supply safe. Security, sanitation and transport are all under scrutiny. We ask our customers to partner with MAC in taking the steps necessary to keep our food system safe, efficient and profitable.

Below, you can find great information to help raise a high quality wheat crop. For additional information, contact your MAC Merchant.