Meet MAC Monday: Nick Reigler

Posted on: November 1, 2021 | MAC News, Our Team

Nick Reigler

Meet Nick Reigler!

In January, Nick has been part of the MAC team for 5  years as a Commodity Merchandiser. He joined us with previous experience as a Grain Merchandiser with Zeeland Farm Services and a Grain Department Manager at Caledonia Farmers Elevator. Nick also has a B.S. from Michigan State University, with a major in Agribusiness Management, minor in Crop & Soil Sciences, and a specialization in Food Industry Management.

Nick’s favorite part of working for MAC is the flexibility to trade multiple different commodities throughout the day into markets throughout the Great Lakes region, which is also one of the things that makes Nick’s position unique. He can create solutions for customers, by spending time buying from areas of surplus to send to areas of the region with demand. His day can change with the markets as with one phone call he could be trading cereal grains out of Northern Michigan, then his next call he’s working on organics down into the Southeast markets. Market supply and demand typically dictate what a day might look like for Nick.

Agriculture is an awesome industry to be part of and Nick enjoys the positive connections in working with individuals tied to Michigan ag in particular. This is a large industry that when broken down is really quite small, and a reputation can precede you. Agricultural trade is a cyclical business and long-term, positive relationships are critical to its success and the success of any business. Personally, Nick enjoys adding value to trading partners while also building friendships.

Outside of his day job with MAC, Nick has been married to his wonderful wife, Abby, for 4 years. They have one son, George (20 months), who loves Green tractors! They also have a small herd of Registered British White Cattle and operate a cash crop farm in Freeport, MI. Nick has been a Farm Bureau Board Member for Barry County for almost 2 years and greatly enjoys being active in the community.

As an avid outdoorsman, you can find Nick touring the countryside on his motorcycle, at the lake or in the woods in his spare time. But, we’re sure glad he clocks in with us every day!